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More or less thirty years ago, Balsamic Vinegar was just getting known in the U.S. Traditional Balsamic Vinegar weren’t even available for purchase but had to be given as gifts from Italian friends. Today you are enriched with great products available at specialty stores and online, but sadly, most people have had only the imitation product. Given that balsamic vinegar is one of the great pleasures of the food world, seeking out an authentic bottle is well worth the time and expense. You have to learn how to read labels, ask, and then ask again. But, as with learning about wines, once you come up the curve a bit, the rewards are spectacular.

Gleaming dark brown in color with an intensely fruity aroma and an exquisite sweet-and-tart flavor, authentic Aceto Balsamico”Balsamic Vinegar” is a specialty of the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy. It is made specifically in the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia and is often credited as originating in the city of Modena. Today it is protected with a D.O.P. designation (P.D.O.) only vinegar made in the region can be called balsamic.


In this course you will learn the basic understanding of balsamic vinegar and all of its attributes;

History - How is made - Aging Process - Seal of Approval - Tasting Techniques - Taste Analysis - Food Pairing - Application - Purchase - Storage - PGI Regulations - Rating System - Counterfeiting