Below is heading listing of upcoming classes. We continuously add new programs. You may book your participation through ACTIVE or simply email / 401.273.2652

Mastering Pan Sauces

Classic Sauces in Italian cuisine

Gluten-free cookery 2017 - 18

Vegetarian & Grains 2017 - 18

Cooking for diabetics 2017 - 18

The Antipasto table

Essentials of Mediterranean Cuisine

Tuscany in the summer time 2017 - 18

Tuscany in the winter time

Amalfi Coast revisited 2017 - 18

Essentials of Northern Italy

Tapas & Cicchette small bites

Italian Side dishes

Pizze al forno

An evening in Rome 2017 - 18

Dolci & Bevande, sweets & drinks

Essentials of the Marche Region

Fresh pasta artistry- morning class

Risotto 18 minutes of love-making

Butchering 101 2017 - 18

Cooking with winter vegetables

Couples Cooking Tuscan 2017 - 18

Knife skills for couples 2017 - 18

The French Country Kitchen 2017 - 18

Essentials of Provencal Cuisine 2017 - 18

Essentials of Basque Cuisine 2017 - 18

The art of Paella Making 2017 - 18

Classic Mother Sauces

Italian theme night 2017 - 18

French theme night 2017 - 18

Spanish theme night 2017 - 18

Guatemalan theme night 2017 - 18

Mediterranean theme night

Portuguese theme night 2017 - 18

Croatian theme night 2017 - 18

Greek theme night 2017 - 18

Italian Islands theme night 2017 - 18

Parma Italy Food Valley 2017

The Noble cooking of Lombardia 2017 - 18

The Noble cooking of Piemonte 2017 - 18

The Noble cooking of Abruzzo 2017 - 18

Ragu and stews

Chef Walters Cooking School  opened in the winter of 1995. Our philosophy has been the sharing of cultures, foods and diversities in the world of gastronomy. We focus on regionalism, nutrition, celiacs and trendy new flavors. Our motto" we teach everyone the art of cooking and living well". We have certainly succeeded. Our facilities are located in the center of the Historical Federal Hill Section of Providence Rhode Island. The school also include a television studio used for filming commercials, marketing segments and television cooking shows as well as team building seminars and cooking classes.
Our classes are for everyone interested in learning new techniques, flavors and ethnic discoveries. Great setting, lively organization and guaranteed fun cooking. All classes are hands-on as well as demos and tastings. Certified Professional Master Chefs instructors with National and International recognition and Food Network winners. Awarded "Best Proprietary Cooking School"

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