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Children's birthdays with cooking are always fun and really exciting, and a modern approach to the old-typical. Creating memories for children is fundamental especially with food. Watch your child's little hands shape a traditional pasta or make that quick sauce is truly a treat not just for the parents but even for the chef instructor. Our menus are nutritionally sound with the health and the wellness of our children.....and some teaching on table manners as well

Without any hesitation we believe that our Team Building Programs for the Corporate world are the finest in the marketplace., with over 150 events to date. Our cooking events are truly delightful and will get to excite even the toughest boardroom, not to mentions the sales dept. We also specialize in the "CHOPPED STYLE" CHALLENGE and MYSTERY BOX competition. For respect to privacy we do not list the companies who have experienced our Team Building Programs.

In addition to a variety of classes CWCS offers also unique and specialized classes and services available year-round

Our recreational classes are for everyone interested in new flavors, techniques and quick ideas for the busy lifestyle. In cooking everyone is a novice, without intimidation. Our classes are divided in topics, seasonality, countries or just simple techniques, from soups to starches, grains, protein, dessert and much more. The list is endless, we are certain we have a class for you.....and as always nutrition and health are the bases for our programs.

Our culinary workshops are a 2-hour immersion in a variety of topics. Not exhausting but simply fun-loving time learning quick techniques and great food samples. We share our knowledge on how to cook, shop in markets, what not to order in restaurants, and anything that may be pertinent in your food life.....because you should consider your stomach first. So whether you are a novice or experienced, food learning is a voyage not an arrival.

Children & teens is one of our flagship program which offers boot camps during school vacations and teens activities through food for the development of an educated palate. During our programs the youngsters are faced with spices, herbs, geography of taste, dining etiquette and many more tasks in our kitchens....including food English which must adults lack. Our students work with real knife and will learn with us the values of freshness and house-made