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One of a kind cooking class replicating a typical New Year's Eve Dinner in Italy. Spend the evening with us in our kitchens preparing luscious recipes and then all together dine in luxury and fun away from the noisy restaurants and prix fix menu'.
We will work on 10 recipes covering some of the most emblematic Italian regions and their customary rituals during this special night. We will begin with a bubbly Prosecco paired with small plates cicchette and then get our aprons on and begin the preparation for the dinner. Of course one of the recipe will be lentils with zampone sausage a traditional staple on Italian tables that depicts the history of the Roman Empire and the learning behind the consumption of lentils on New Year's Eve.


Class include:
2 types of wines to complement the recipes
1 type of Grappa for our sweets
1 Chef Walters Cooking School apron for each participant
1 Cook book (autographed) Federal Hill Flavors & Knowledge

 Price per person  $150.00

CLICK  HERE  FOR TICKETS or call  401.273.2652

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