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There's no better way to mark a special occasion - be it a corporate gathering, bachelorette party, bridal shower, birthday or anniversary - than with a wooden spoon in hand and friends and co-workers all around.

And if you're looking for an effective, fun way to bond with colleagues, a cooking party is an original team-building exercise that will leave you and your guests smiling long after the cooking is done. As team members learn essential culinary techniques and master new recipes, they also strengthen bonds and relationships in a fun, informal environment.

When your group arrives, you will enjoy a selection of freshly prepared appetizers. We'll describe the menu, outlining basic techniques you'll master. Then we’ll divide your team into stations. You'll cook for about an hour and a half, whipping up an incredibly tasty 4 to 5-course meal, then sit down to enjoy the fruits of your labor with specially selected Italian wines.

Menus are tailor-made for your group, and a wine tasting can be added for groups who are really into wine. You can also order handsome customized aprons for everyone, or a professionally rendered film of your event on DVD. Every guest will receive a recipe packet through e-mail so they can recreate the delicious menu at home.

• Prices

• Lunch / Monday to Friday $110 per person
• Dinner / Monday to Thursday $145 per person
• Dinner / Sunday $160 per person
• Premium liquor bar $32.50 per person
• Rhode Island State Tax
• Gratuity 20%
• There are no setup fees, room rental fees or other fees.

Extras additions (optional)

▪ Chef Walters “Federal Hill Cookbooks” $12.00 each
▪ Wines & Cheeses tasting (priced accordingly)
▪ Tailored-made gift basket (priced accordingly)

  Additional details

• The minimum charge for a private event will cover you for up to 14 people.
 • Smaller groups are welcome as long as the minimum payment is met.
 • Couples or very small groups: consider joining one of our cooking classes.

Private cooking events include:

• Wine and appetizer reception
• Hands-on cooking without the cleaning
• Recipe packets tested and previously executed
• 5+ course meal prepared by attendees
• Fun for everyone guaranteed
Reserve team building event by e-mail

401-273-2652 or purchase a
gift certificate


Great food, great conversations while learning, and building teams — all a part of unique experience.

Here’s what you can expect
All activated learning experiences last 2-1/2 hours. We can accommodate a maximum of 30 hands-on participants (unless otherwise agreed upon). The chef welcomes the group, explains the “rules” of the team building activator you’ve selected, and assigns teams. Each team works together to prepare courses of the menu. When the food is ready, teams present their dishes to the entire group before sitting down to a wonderful meal. Last but not least, our culinary team facilitates a guided discussion to conclude the experience. A facilitation and set-up charge of
$395 will be applied for all activated learning experiences


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